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Frederick Sommer - Paracelsus (1957)

"Paracelsus was a Renaissance physician, botanist, alchemist, astrologer, and general occultist. He founded the discipline of toxicology. He is also known as a revolutionary for insisting upon using observations of nature rather than looking to ancient texts, in open and radical defiance of the medical practice of his day. Modern psychology often also credits him for being the first to note that some diseases are rooted in psychological illness. 

He was one of the first medical professors to recognize that physicians required a solid academic knowledge in the natural sciences, especially chemistry. Furthermore, he allowed for the access of medical academic work to learned people. Surgeons, for example, often were not academically trained and ranked with the barbers and butchers in the same guild.”

His motto was Alterius non sit qui suus esse potest. 

Let no man belong to another who can belong to himself.

" It’s September: I’ve moved into town,
into the attic of an old barn—a big open room I reach
by climbing a ladder that rises through a hole in the floor.
The room is long and high, with windows at each end,
a row of skylights that leak rain, and shake
and chatter in the northeast winds. I sleep beneath
the roof’s steep pitch, my mattress flat on the boards,
looking up at the high ceiling, where morning
diffuses downward in grains of bright dust.

This was the old painter’s studio.
The light in those famous canvases is still here
—he couldn’t carry it away with him—
though his paintings took away everything else,
opening space with a stroke of blue or yellow.
I think of his violent loves, the stories
they still tell about him here.
But how quiet and alive his paintings were,
how they quiver with the life not yet realized.
by Cynthia Huntington, from “The Attic,” The Radiant (Four Ways Books, 2003)

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WTAPS Atelier Shibuya-ku

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Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub

Weighs only 20kg and can hold up to 5 people.

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Little Dragon - Nabuma Rubberband

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John F. Kennedy on civil rights

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Yes, the swans. White swans moving across a mirror of jade and jet––a breathing mirror that heaved and trembled, so that their silvery images were forever breaking and coming together again, disintegrating and being made whole…

Aldous Huxley, Island

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important update:

recently, tumblr has become increasingly strict with implementing their copyright policy (in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ’DMCA’). as you might have noticed, several well-known blogs on tumblr have been shut down by the tumblr staff already, with…

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